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We proudly offer our customers a great selection of products and information to follow the vibrant worldwide 4 Element Hip Hop Scene: Breakdancing, DJing, Rapping and Graffiti Our 500+ rare videos and supplies help people learn about the underground culture, teach them how to perform the raw street art forms themslves and let them observe the best in the world competing head-to-head in regional and interational battles.

We also offer a huge selection of street culture, old school classic, comedy and mafia movies, as well as posters, headwear, Beats, Rhymes & Breaks CD's, 100's of four element hiphop custom clothing designs, articles, interviews, event listings and much more! is fresh on the scene and is already one of the hottest HipHop stores online, we'd love you're help reaching even more customers and sharing our culture with them. Four Elements - One Soul™- BBoy GRIZ / Barry Rabkin.

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