Audition Secrets - How to Audition

This is a 60 page book. Basically "How to Audition", with what we call "3 Amazing Words" with copyright to Suzie Steen. This book helps add a bit of humour and can be re-read and carried around easily for reference and positive thinking. "Audition Secrets" is a must read and re-read for every actor.

It's easy to carry....there are only 3 words to remember to do your best to "nail" that audition and to feel good about yourself...uplifting and fun Inside the book are quotes from American, Australian Casting Directors and actors that are positive and help actors realize that there are no villians. We are all in this together and wouldn't be anywhere elseand these experiences are to be enjoyed. So have fun as the auther had intended.

Audition Secrets

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