The Most Controversial Book Ever Written

RaveStory is a riveting, new book that has rocketed up from the streets of London to receive international acclaim. Action packed, this book initially drags the reader through a quagmire of violence, sex, drugs and the author’s own tornado of emotions, while shedding light on how the rave scene erupted in Europe and answering questions on the source of various electronic music genre.

From a series of horrifying hauntings and traumatic experiences, an astonishing reversal leaves readers firmly set in a positive state of mind. Based upon the true life memoirs of entrepreneur, musician and club owner, Otiz F. Angel and his meteoric rise from a London ghetto to International success.

RaveStory has rapidly earned a reputation of being the most controversial book ever written on this subject, spanning from the early rave scene years to the colossal club culture of today.

Rave Story - The Birth of a Nation

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